What is Knowledge Bowl Network? One way to look at it is a big database of questions and answers written for the games of Knowledge Bowl and Quiz-Bowl. It is also a place on the network to join others with similar interests.

The live chat area is a meeting place to chat with knowledge bowl coaches and players in real time. No add-ins for your browser are necessary.

The Bulletin Board area is a place to leave messages and notes that will stick around for a while.

More areas will be added as users request them. I have been considering adding a calendar where users can schedule matches. If you like that idea of have suggestions let me know at

There is no cost to joining the site. What makes it work are the high quality questions you enter. If every member enters just a few high quality questions regularly we will all enjoy a steady flow of new questions from experts in many different areas.

So click on Add Question now and enter at least one question. Next time you log in you will see your credits for the questions you have submitted!




Quiz-Bowl wiki

All about Quiz-Bowl from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Knowledge Bowl wiki

All about Knowledge Bowl from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quizbowl Resource Center

Information, discussion, and helpful tools pertaining to high school quizbowl

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If you run a Quiz-Bowl or Knowledge Bowl related site and wish to exchange links, email me Let me know if there is a feature that would be helpful to you.


Schedule a time to meet in the chat area with other coaches, players, or teams.

Ask for a Bulletin Board area for your team or region (email

Let us set up a calendar area for your team or link directly from this site to an existing calendar on your web server! Our address is easy for your friends to remember.

Send us the URL of your team pages and get a hot link from this site!