The topic is literature

Works of literature mentioned in this novel include Out of Africa and Of Human Bondage, although the protagonist mentions that he wouldn’t want to call up Somerset Maugham. The protagonist is taken to Ernie’s nightclub by the taxi driver named Horwitz who refuses to have a drink with him. At one point the protagonist claims he had a clavichord operation after Maurice the elevator man gets him a prostitute and later, his sister repeatedly tells him that “Daddy’s gonna kill you”. A key symbol is the “partly frozen and partly not frozen” duck pond and the protagonist later heads to the apartment of his former teacher, Mr. Antolini. Towards the end of the novel, the Pency Prep protagonist goes to his sister Phoebe’s school and then goes to the Egyptian section of the Museum of Natural History. FTP, the phony hating Holden Caufield appears in what novel by J.D. Salinger?

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